Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are You Any Good With A Machete?

Tina's actual lot to be cleared
May 12th and 13th
5621 Knox Houston, TX
(unmarked plot of undeveloped land- very hard to spot)
EARLY until dusk, official time TBA

Keeping Tina's Dreams Alive includes clearing a plot of land in north Houston so we can put a home on it (for her to heal and create and live in). With the help of Ken Walker, Bikers for a Cause, and YOU (machete skills optional) we will be clearing this land in one weekend.

PLEASE wear long, loose fitting shirts and pants, BOOTS, heavy duty work gloves, safety goggles if you have them, hat, and bandana.

Wish List for this project:
  • People willing to get dirty/ work hard (know a group who wants a project?)
  • People to feed/ keep hydrated those who are swinging machetes (UPDATE: Saturday lunch= covered)
  • Overnight security to keep an eye on things Saturday night
  • Wheelbarrows (delivered and picked up)
  • Hoes
  • Machetes
  • Tarps
  • Waste containers (and donations toward cost of= covered)
  • sunscreen/ aloe/ basic first aid kit (for stings, poison ivy, small cuts, blisters)
  • Bottled water/ drinks/ snacks (2 coolers of ice and gatorade= covered)
You can contact Teresa if you have a question or contribution:

See you there! 

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