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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Machete Miracle

Days long from now a tale will be told. It will be a true tale and even if I was not there I have gathered bits and pieces from reliable sources and you can drive by if you don't believe me. This is the tale of the Machete Miracle:

The mission was to clear the land. The land was covered, literally in head high vines and bushes and ivy.

The night before it rained. Hard. 139 lightning strikes fell in one hour as volunteers rolled over in their beds wondering if the plan would be a wash out.

But those lovely volunteers got out of bed, loaded up their tools, and showed up. The food tent went up, the first aid tent went up, a blessing ensued, experts surveyed the scene and sent out crews. Machetes were swung, gloved hands tore down vines, the skid steer roared, and by the time lunch was delivered more than half the lot was done.

More powerful than brute force, the power of people won the day. Every age, color, background, and skill you can imagine worked side by side. As one volunteer began to tire, another volunteer would show up to breathe life into a second wind.

And by 4PM, the job was done.

A true miracle, despite the rain, despite the foliage, despite the naysayers- done in one day.

And this miracle has had a ripple effect. Spontaneous networking may actually get a house delivered to the lot. The dream is happening because you all showed up and did it.

We are grateful beyond words! To EVERY SINGLE PERSON who pitched in- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

See you at the upcoming benefits  in June!

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